December 15, 2007

Line Dancing @ the Scullville Fire House on Wednesdays

Line dancing is coming back around here again :) Yippee!!! I am so excited to start dancing without booking major transportation arrangements! I had to post the great news online... Here is an email I received a couple weeks ago...

Great news !!!!!!!

Starting January 9th 2008 we will be back at the Scullville Fire House every Wed. night.
The hours will be from 7-10 and admission will be $10.00. We had alot of request to get something back in the area so what better place then where it all started in 1994. We would love to see as many old timers as possible. Please pass the word and please let me know if and when you receive this information. Thank you and hope to see you there.
Any questions? (I took this info out but post a comment & I'll do my best to find out & relay answers).

Country Fun is back at the Country Fun Corral
Ken & Debbie

I am going to post all the line dancing events & things that I hear of on this blog for all the dancing fools like myself!

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Anonymous said...


I hope you are doing well.

I work for a Dance Club Company and I would love for some of our featured dances to be on your site. We work with Capitol Records, Warner Bros. Records, etc.

Shoot me an email