May 21, 2008

Gossip to exchange over line dances tonight - Shania gives Mutt the Canadian Stomp

Line dancing tonight at the Scullville Firehouse at 7:00!
1708 Somers Point Rd., EHT, NJ 08234

According to today's online news buzz, Shania & her hubby "Mutt" of 14 years are calling it quits after 14 years because of his relationship with another woman. She did sing, "Any Man of Mine"! Are you freaking kidding me?! I wonder how many men are so very grateful for his mistake...? Anyone see how the 25 men on the Bachelorette went gaga over DeAnna? If not, you missed a completely entertaining show! These men went nuts competing for her attention... it was great! I'd love to see what men start doing when they find out Shania is available again. They love her! I'd like to see Shania as the next Bachelorette! Shania is in the #4 spot today on yahoo's buzz index.

May 11, 2008

Alan Jackson, Good Time & a line dancing record

I'm really into AJ's new song Good Time! It's one of those songs that I turn up... it puts me in one of those good - I'm singing while driving my truck with the windows down - bopping along - kinda songs.

Alan Jackson is trying to set a world record for the longest line dance spanning cities and according to , states. Yeah, it said, "It takes a massive casting call to put together a music video on this scale." I want to know why I didn't get the memo! I would have been all over that!

Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this video at the end of the month when it's released. Very cool!

Here's the Good Time Line Dance on youtube...

Here are the steps for Good Time Line Dance ... I found them on the Alan Jackson Website

Good Time Dance Steps–
Alan Jackson - Good Time - Alan Jackson - Good Time - Good Time

40 count, 4 wall line dance
Choreographed by Jenny Cain, Nashville TN

1-8 Toe, Heel Steps
Walk forward R (1,2) L (3,4) R (5,6) L (7,8)

1-4 Side Steps
R out to R side (1), slide back together with L (2)
Repeat exactly (3,4)


5-8 Front Grapevine to R with a spin
R out to R side (5), Spin to R {full turn & back to original position}
(6), R out to R side(7),
then together & clap (8)

1-8 (REPEAT LAST 8 COUNT EXACTLY, BUT THIS TIME TO THE LEFT. Simply replace the R's with L's above)

1-6 Knee lifts while going backward
Bring R knee up (1) & down (2), Bring L knee up (3) & down (4),
Bring R knee up (5) & down (6)
{each knee lift should be at an angle and not straight in front. Also each step down should be placed slightly behind so that you actually are walking backward)

7-8 Jump Steps
Jump in place landing with feet crossed R over L (7)
Jump, quarter turn in air to L, landing with feet apart (8)

1-8 "Cha Cha’s" or "Shuffle Steps"
cha cha forward- R together R (1 and 2)
L lunge forward, rock & recover (3,4)
cha cha backward- L together L (5 and 6)
R lunge backward, rock & recover (7,8)

1-8 "Shimmy Steps" or "Bounce Steps"
R out to R side {body slightly down} (1,2)
Bring L together {standing back up straight} (3,4)
R out to R side again {body slightly down{ (5,6)
Bring L together {standing back up straight} (7,8)

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Update: June 6th 2008 CMT posted "Choreographing the World’s Longest Line Dance" on their blog.

Cape May line dancing doesn't look too likely this summer

From the Cape May Gazette...

"With two repair estimates coming in at more than $300,000, Cape May City Council will not repair Convention Hall for use this summer, it was decided at a workshop meeting Tuesday, May 6."

Not good news! It doesn't look like there will be any dancing at Convention Hall this summer :*(
Go figure... the summer that gas prices are expected to hit 4 bucks a gallon. My favorite free summer line dancing destination on the beach less than a gallon of gas away from home is no more... at least for a while.

I am going to sulk and think of more reasons I Love Country Boys... that'll cheer me up!