April 24, 2008

Top 20 reasons why I love country boys...

20. "Man I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks"
-Gary Allan, Alright Guy
**They have a sense of humor**

19. "Might be one 'a those fine French wines, Might be some good ol' damn homebrew, Long as we get to have a good time, Most times anything will do"
-Van Zant, Goes Down Easy
** They are still simple beings **

18."Well you've gotta be kidding me, Don't tell me that thing is your TV, My laptop's got a bigger screen, Baby, there ain't no doubt, You need a man around here"
- Brad Paisley, You need a Man Around Here
** They solve problems**

17. "We don't like to go out shoppin', We don't care what's on sale. We just want to sit with a bag full of chips, Watchin' the NFL. When you come over at half-time, An' say: "Does this dress fit too tight?" We just look you in the eye with a big fat lie, An say:"Uh, uh: Looks just right."
- Tracy Bryd, The Truth About Men
** They are honest... and they admit when they aren't **

16. "From buckin' broncs to honky tonks, He always sang a cowboy's song, We were much too young, havin' too much fun, As we all sang along"
-Garth Brooks, Good Ride Cowboy

15. "He's addicted to danger, Ruled by passion and pride, To pain and fear he's no stranger, But his lust needs to satisfied "
- Chris Ledoux, Hooked on an 8 Second Ride
** They have testosterone-filled hobbies**

14. "For your love I'd rope the moon put it in a blender, Mix up a concoction bound to make you surrender, I'd bite the brand off a buckin' Brahma Bull, I'd rob me a gin mill then I'd fill the ocean full"
- Chris Ledoux, For Your Love
** They do manly things to prove their love, not girly metro things **

13. "I cashed my check, cleaned my truck, Put on my hat, forgot about work, Sun goin’ down, head cross town, Pick up my baby and turn it around, Good time, "
Alan Jackson, Good Time
**They know how to have a good time**

12. "Raisin' hell, racing cars, Closin' down the local bars"
-Gary Allan, Man of Me

11. "We met at a truck stop, Johnson City, Tennessee"
-Tritt Travis, Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde
** They're adventurous **

10. "I want to dance with you, twirl you all around the floor, That’s what they intended dancin’ for, I just want to dance with you. "
-George Strait, I Just Want to Dance with You
** They considerately take charge **

9. "If you ain't got a suitcase get a box or an old brown paper sack
Pack it light or pack it heavy take a truck take a Chevy, Baby just come back"
-George Strait, Run
** They are straightforward and let you know they what they want, plus they drive Chevys :) **

8. "I got rice cooking in the microwave, Got a three day beard I don't plan to shave"
-Travis Tritt, It's a Great Day to be Alive
** County men are low maintenance **

7. "I'm wild and a little crazy too, Some girls don't like boys like me, Aww but some girls do"
-Sawyer Brown, Some Girls Do

6. "When they go ridin in the middle of a pickup truck, Blarin Lynyrd Skynyrd yellin, “Turn it up!”
- Trace Adkins, Ladies Love County Boys

The TOP 5 reasons I love country boys are...

5. "Well, if you want to know what we're all thinkin', It's nothing too complex. It's just somethin' cold for drinkin', And a whole lot of s-e......"
- Tracy Bryd, The Truth About Men

4. "But when you say a backrub means only a backrub, Then you swat my hand when I try, Well, now what can I say at the end of the day, Honey, I'm still a guy"
--Brad Paisley, I'm Still a Guy
** Country men are still honest with the fact that one thing drives them **

3. "Pick her up after some soap and water and we're headed to the county fair"
**Notice there was no mention of lotion, nail filing, plucking, waxing, or shaving his chest - Country boys aren't Metro! **
-Chris LeDoux, County Fair

2. "Cold beer, hot wings, Wranglers, Skoal ring, Get just what you see, Gun rack, ball cap, Don't take no crap, Ain't a pretty boy-toy, I'll rock you steady, Rough and ready"
-Trace Adkins, Rough and Ready

and the number 1 reason...

1. "My eyebrows ain't plucked, there's a gun in my truck, Oh thank God I'm still a guy"
--Brad Paisley, I'm Still a Guy

Now I want to hear from you...

April 5, 2008

Time for 'plan c'... Eric Church concert at Prospectors April 5 is Canceled

If you read my last post about the Cape May Convention Hall being closed because of structural damage, and decided to go see Eric Church tonight at Prospector's instead... it's now time for plan c.

Prospector's website has the message,


Eric Chuch Concert Saturday, April 5th will be re-scheduled for another date due to illness. Check back on our web-site and Listen to 92.5 wxtu Radio.

I'll likely still make the trip up there for the dancing tonight anyway since I didn't go last night. I think the Dixie Chicks said it best, "Some days you gotta dance, Live it up when you get the chance, 'Cause when the world doesn't make no sense
And you're feeling just a little too tense, Gotta loosen up those chains and dance".

In the mean time, here's "Guys like Me" by Eric Church.

April 4, 2008

Cape May line dancing isn't looking so likely tomorrow night

I just heard some bad news about the Cape May Convention Hall. I just saw the post, "Convention Hall closed for structural worries" on the Cape May Gazette's breaking news. That must mean that the last dance of the spring will probably be canceled for tomorrow night.
I hope the Convention Hall reopens by June 27 when the free line dancing is scheduled to begin! I bet there are lots of Jazz Festival goers who are hoping it reopens by April 18 too. The jazz fest is a pretty big deal in Cape May.

Line dancing in other places in south jersey are still happening! Of course, there is still line dancing at the Scullville Fire House. Also, Debbie is going to be teaching a 6 week beginner line dancing class evenings at Ocean City High School. I'll try to find out the details but you can find out more information by calling Ocean City High School.

Wednesday in Scullville at the fire house, we got a nice surprise! Ken's sister sang Patsy Cline's "Crazy" for us. That was followed by a duet of Ken & his sister singing Kenny Roger's "The Gambler". They were both excellent! Can you beat line dancing and free surprise entertainment? I think not!

When you go dancing in Scullville, they give you a ticket at the door. Ken & Debbie do a drawing for a free pass. I've been going dancing for 10 years and I've won about 3 free passes until two weeks ago. Two weeks in a row I won a free pass. It was great! I feel lucky! I think I need to break out my old Mary Chapin Carpenter cd and listen to that song!

Anyway, sorry to be the bearer of bad news about line dancing tomorrow night in Cape May. There are country back-up plans in the area though...
If you are into Eric Church , he's performing at Prospector's. The tickets are $25 at the door and $20 ahead of time. He's the guy that sings "Two Pink Lines", "How 'Bout You", and "Sinners Like Me". He's pretty good! My favorite part of seeing shows at Prospector's is that you usually get to meet the artist & take a photo with them... and there's line dancing! Holla!

Well, I'll continue to pass on any information I hear about Cape May Convention Hall.