December 31, 2008

New Year, New place to dance

New place to line dance in South Jersey:

There is a large restaurant called Calloways in Staffordville which is between Tuckerton, NJ and Manahawkin, NJ on Rt. 9 that will be starting up country dancing on Friday nights. This restaurant is about 40 min. from EHT.
Jan. 9th
Jan. 16th
Feb. 20th
Feb. 27th
Mar. 5th
As of right now, Ken & Debbie will be holding the dances posted. Joe & Mary will take over after that. Plus, there is no charge.
Yeehaw! :)

Questions? Post a comment & I'll do my best to find out the answer for you!

10 good reasons to line dance in 2009

if the boot fits, buy every color

  1. Good, down home, clean fun
  2. Exercise in disguise, I'll take line dancing over the gym any day!
  3. Country music
  4. Line dancing is easy to learn, plus you can learn the dances at home on :)
  5. Guys in wranglers / Gals in tight jeans [that's right ]
  6. Great date idea for first dates or long time loves
  7. Single? Not a bad place to meet your future husband/ wife / boyfriend / girlfriend
  8. Easy atmosphere to go solo
  9. Something different to do
  10. Ladies... Hello!?! A reason to buy another pair of boots

December 14, 2008

Crazy Foot Mambo line dance step sheet

Crazy Foot Mambo

Choreographed by: Paul McAdam (Jan 08)
Music: If You Wanna Be Happy by Dr Victor & the Rasta Rebels
Descriptions: 32 count - 2 wall - Beginner level line dance

Count In: Start On Vocals Approximately 22 seconds into track
1&2 Rock forward on right foot, rock back on left foot, step back on right foot
3&4 Rock back on left foot, rock forward on right foot, step forward on left foot
5&6 Step forward on right foot, lock left foot behind right, step forward on right
7&8 Step forward on left foot, pivot ½ turn right, step forward on left foot

1&2 Rock right foot out to right side, recover weight onto left, cross right foot over left
3&4 Rock left foot out to left side, recover weight onto right, cross left foot over right
5& Make a ¼ turn left and step back on right foot, hitch left knee and clap hands
6& Make a ½ turn left and step forward on left foot, hitch right knee and clap hands
7&8 Step forward on right foot, lock left foot behind right foot, step forward on right foot

1&2 Step left foot to left side, step right foot together, step left foot forward
3&4 Step right foot to right side, step left foot together, step right foot back
5&6& Step left foot to left side, cross right foot over left, step left foot to left side, kick right foot to right diagonal
7&8& Step right foot to right side, cross left foot over right, step right foot to right side, kick left foot to left diagonal

1&2 Cross left foot behind right, make a ¼ turn right and step forward on right foot, step forward on left foot
3&4 Step forward on right foot, pivot a ½ turn left, step forward on right foot
5&6 Step forward on left foot, lock right foot behind left, step forward on left foot
&7& Step forward on right foot, lock left foot behind right, step forward on right foot
8 Step forward on left foot


December 10, 2008

25 Great Songs to Shuffle to

Shuffle, Triple Two-Step, Texas Shuffle, Double Two-Step

Country Western Line Dancing Playlist: 25 Shuffle Songs

  • Brad Paisley - I'll Take You Back - Brad Paisley - Time Well Wasted - I'll Take You Back

  • Brad Paisley - Wrapped Around - Brad Paisley, Chris DuBois & Kelley Lovelace - Part II - Wrapped Around

  • Brian McComas - You're In My Head - Brian McComas - Brian McComas - You're In My Head

  • Chris Ledoux - Cadilac Ranch - Chris LeDoux - Chris LeDoux: 20 Greatest Hits - Cadillac Ranch

  • Chris LeDoux - Hooked on an 8 Second Ride- Chris LeDoux - Chris LeDoux: 20 Greatest Hits - Hooked On an 8 Second Ride

  • Chris LeDoux & Garth Brooks - Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy? Chris LeDoux & Garth Brooks - The Best of Chris Ledoux - Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy?

  • Dixie Chicks - I Can Love You Better - Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces - I Can Love You Better

  • Dixie Chicks - There's Your Trouble - Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces - There's Your Trouble

  • Dwight Yoakam - Baby Don't Go - Dwight Yoakam with Sheryl Crow - Under the Covers - Baby Don't Go

  • George Strait - Stars on the Water - George Strait - The Road Less Traveled - Stars on the Water

  • George Strait - We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This - George Strait - 50 Number Ones - We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This

  • Gretchen Wilson - One Of The Boys - Gretchen Wilson - One of the Boys - One of the Boys

  • Hot Apple Pie – We're Makin' Up - Hot Apple Pie - Hot Apple Pie - We're Makin' Up

  • Keith Urban - Days Go By - Keith Urban - Be Here - Days Go By

  • Keith Urban - Once In A Lifetime - Keith Urban - Love, Pain & the Whole Crazy Thing - Once In a Lifetime

  • Kenny Chesney - She's Got It All - Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits - She's Got It All

  • Lady Antebellum - Love Don't Live Here - Lady Antebellum - Lady Antebellum - Love Don't Live Here

  • Lady Antebellum - Lookin' For A Good Time - Lady Antebellum - Lady Antebellum - Lookin' for a Good Time

  • Little Big Town - Fine Line - Little Big Town - A Place to Land - Fine Line

  • Michael Peterson - Lost In The Shuffle - Michael Peterson - Michael Peterson - Lost in the Shuffle

  • Miranda Lambert - Famous in a Small Town - Miranda Lambert - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - Famous In a Small Town

  • Sarah Johns - He Hates Me - Sarah Johns - Big Love In a Small Town - He Hates Me

  • The Bellamy Brothers - Get Into Reggae Cowboy - The Bellamy Brothers - The Bellamy Brothers: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 - Get Into Reggae Cowboy

  • Toby Keith - Whiskey Girl - Toby Keith - Shock 'n Y'all - Whiskey Girl

  • Trace Adkins - Rough & Ready - Trace Adkins - Rough & Ready - Single - Rough & Ready

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December 9, 2008

Destination Nashville - Our trip

luggage We had a 3am wake up to be at the airport by 6 & arrived in Nashville at 9:30 with the time change. Check in, Coffee, nap in that order lol!

In the process of getting coffee, we interrupted a Christmas play at Dunn Bros. It was both cozy & charming through we were afraid to interrupt the play to order coffee. We went back a couple days later and mid-day, the doors were locked but the owner came &unlocked the door to let us in & caffeine us up... he remembered us from the other day when we interrupted the play. Nice place. They had some really nice artwork hanging as well!

LoCash Cowboys Our first night in Nashville, we hit up the Big River Brewery on 2nd & Broadway, then walked down to the Wildhorse for some line dancing. $8 cover charge, not too crowded but the band LoCash Cowboys were fantastic! They tore it up dancing... he broke into applejacks! Towards the end of the show, they even broke out some old-school early 90's hip-hop. I loved it. They announced that they are playing Times Square aired on Fox New Years Eve. My only bone to pick was with the lack of dancing. There really wasn't much dancing at all. The instructor taught a very simple line dance I didn't get up to learn to Trace Adkin's Badonkadonk *(not Badonkadonk), no couples dances or even two-step. A bunch of drunk people got out to do the electric slide... There was one lone dancer off to the side who takes his dancing perhaps more seriously than I do. I got out with him a couple times but that is a big place for only 2 line dancers to be boppin' around.

Friday we took on the town after a full night of sleep. We went to 417 Union for breakfast. It was the only place we didn't send the coffee back for breakfast. The caramel banana pancakes were quite tasty too!

Broadway Nashville TNWe went down to Broadway and hit up the gift shops. I saw a boot store that said buy 1 get 2 free. I was so excited until I saw the soles on most of them were that plastic over rubber and I sadly left empty handed... that was until we found Trail West and our new friend, Cowboy Blue. He helped me out. I got a new pair of boots & they are lovely :D Blue was so helpful & full of quotable southern sayings that we'll be sure to use up here in Jersey. The best one was "The girl looked like a busted can of biscuits" lol! We found out that we missed Trace Adkins by minutes... it would have been very cool to run into him :(

Friday night we went to Coyote Ugly with every intention to watch the Christmas Parade after grabbing some bar food but we got distracted by a bunch of guys from Buffalo who whisked us off to another bar. The other bar was a local's place & there were all beerkinds of singers and songwriters just in there hanging out. Lee Brice, George Strait's Manager, Joe Walsh. Yeah, I was introduced to Randy Rogers and I didn't even know it until after he was talking to other people. We just hung out for a while drinking a few a lot of beers. It was a cool place with some quality live music.

Clay UnderwoodSaturday we did the breakfast thing :P yuck-o, shopped some more & hit up the honkytonks on Broadway. Yeah, I believe it was something like 1:30 in the afternoon I got my first beer @ Tootsies. Hollar & a Swallar, the bar raised their glasses. The Browns fans in town for the Titans vs. Browns chanted Ohio cheers. The music was great! I still have "You never even call me by my name" and "Fishin' in the Dark" in my head. We wad such a good time!

So we stayed in this awesome 5 star hotel with a killer bathtub so we took a drinking break to take bubble baths, lol! Talk about relaxing... sigh, not to worry... that cold weather woke us right back up though!

For dinner, we ate at this great little place called Tazza. Both the food & the service were wonderful.

wildhorse saloon will dance for food horse Later on we met up with couple of A*'s myspace friends at Buffalo Billiards & then headed over to the Wildhorse to give it another try... The so-so night was a Thursday after all. Being the line dancing fanatic I am, I had to give the Wildhorse Saloon another shot. Nada... I did 2 dances that night: Good Time and an interesting version of Country Walkin'. People did the electric slide and the Cha-cha Slide... it felt more like a wedding reception without the free booze than a Nashville line dancing destination.

Legends Nashville About midnight, we headed up to the honky-tonk, Legends. It was pretty fun. We both saw different bar fights standing outside at different times. They sure do get rowdy in Nashville!
We also met a lot of soldiers just home from the desert over the weekend. It was really cool to see those guys home for Christmas & out celebrating!

Our Music City weekend came to an end but not before one final trip back to Tootsies en route to the airport. Our favorite live singer of the weekend, Clay Underwood was there again! That guy has some serious talent.

So I got home and read John Rich married Joan Bush while we were in town and didn't even bother to invite us to the wedding... [pout]

Nashville is a really cool place. I'll definitely go back... perhaps for fan fair :)

December 2, 2008

Nashville or bust

Nashville postcard

We're going away for the weekend.

I've never been to Nashville before but my best friend has been to music city and is convinced I'll love it so this weekend, off we go!

It has been a while since my last trip when I went to North Carolina. That trip inspired my post, "28 more reasons I love country men". Enough said?! Lol.

Back to this weekend, I am stoked to
  1. Get away for a long weekend with my bff;
  3. Watch tons of live music;
  4. Rock my new boots in the daytime;
  5. Stay in a rockstar quality hotel with badass bathrooms;
  6. Perhaps meet a country man? ;)

Some Random Nashville-ness:
  1. wildhorse saloon
Besides the Wildhorse, does anyone know where there is good line dancing in Nashville? Any must-sees or travel tips? Good vegetarian restaurants? Small hotspot dives? Many thanks :)

I'm bringing my camera & phone, no laptop so check 4 pics next week. Knowing us, we'll likely have some quality stories too. Check @artseejodee for what we're up to in the mean time.

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