July 22, 2008

the 'Chicken Fried' that makes this vegetarian line dance

A couple weeks ago I was out line dancing at Prospectors just after I heard a new good song on my Nashville friend's myspace blog. The song is called Chicken Fried and I like it a lot! It is one of those down home feel good songs. Anyway, to my surprise, Joe played it and I believe we did a Canadian Stomp to it. It worked but look what I just found... ohh yeah! TOny & Lana Wilson choreographed a line dance to Zac Brown's song "Chicken Fried". I'm looking forward to learning this one!

UPDATE: Look what I just saw online... for all you Jersey cowgirls & cowboys:

Thursday August 28th
$5 Cover Doors open at 6pm
@ Prospector's

Chicken Fried Line Dance Steps (Step Sheet)

Choreographed by Tony & Lana Wilson, 7-2-08,,
32 Count, 4 Wall, Intermediate Line Dance
Music: Chicken Fried, Zac Brown Band, 85 bpm,
CD: The Foundation, Buy it on Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried - Single - Chicken Fried
32 intro - Begin after he starts singing, on the words "chicken fried".
Live Nation Artists Label, Release Date for CD - August 26, 2008

1&2 Step L forward, lock R behind L, step L forward
3&4 Step R forward, pivot 1/2 left, step R forward
5&6& Step L to left, step R behind L, step L to left, step R over L
7-8 Step L to left, drag and stomp R beside L no weight

9-10 Step R to right, step L beside R
11&12 Step R to right, step L beside R, step R to right
13&14 Step L forward, touch R toe behind L heel twice
15&16 Step R back, cross step L over R, step R back

17&18 Step L to left, step ball of R behind L, cross step L over R
19 Step R to right
20&21 Step L to left, step ball of R behind L, cross step L over R
22&23 Turn 1/4 right shuffling forward RLR
24& Step L forward, pivot 1/4 right weight on R
Note: On counts 17-21, body is angled towards right diagonal

25-26 Cross step L over R, turn 1/4 left stepping back on R
27&28 Shuffle LRL turning 1/2 left
29-30 Rock forward on R, recover on L
31&32 Step back on R, stepping L beside R, step R forward

Begin Again

Ending: On 9th pattern, starting at 12:00, dance 1-18. (You will be facing 6:00. )
Add: 19&20 Step R to right, step L to left, turn 1/2 right
stepping R forward.

Video instructions for the Chicken Fried Line Dance

Here's a Youtube Video the Zac Brown Band performing the song Chicken Fried

Send me the link to your video doing or learning this dance... I'll post it here!

July 18, 2008

Dance for energy

As I browsed technorati this morning, I came across this super interesting post. In Europe, nightclubs are going green with these power generating dancefloors using something called piezoelectricity. As people bounce about the floor, the movement on the floor is converted into evergy and stored in batteries. How cool is that?! Dance for a cause :)

Read this story on engadget or the whole story on

July 16, 2008

Line dancing is cool again this week

The air conditioning is fixed and ready to keep us line dancers cool this week country dancing at the firehouse tonight. (If you went, you know there was a little A/C breakage last week.)
7-10 pm, $10, it's at the Scullville Fire House on Somers Point - Mays Landing Rd. (Exit 29 northbound GSP, Exit 30 on the southbound side.)
It is always fun! See you there :)

July 12, 2008

Crazy Days

This is good song by Adam Gregory called Crazy Days. I've heard it on (itunes country radio). I would like to hear this song more often!

Crazy Days
Choreographed by Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK
Web address:
4 wall – 32 count line dance
Music: Crazy Days (dance mix) – Adam Gregory (start after 16 count intro)

1-8 R kick ball step, twist heels left & centre, L rock back & recover, ¼ right & L to side, R touch together
Kick R forward, step R back, step L forward (weight ends on both feet)
3-4 Twist heels left, twist heels back to centre (weight ends on R)
5-6 Rock L back, recover weight on R
7-8 Turning ¼ right step L to left side, touch R together

9-16 Vine R 3, touch L together, L side shuffle, R back rock & recover
Step R side, cross step L behind R, step R side, touch L together
5&6 Step L side, step R together, step L side
7-8 Rock R back, recover weight on L

17-24 R fwd, point L side, cross step L over R, point R side, touch R toes fwd & side, ½ monterey turn, touch L toes to L side
Step R forward, point L toes to left side, cross step L over R, point R toes to right side
5-6 Touch R toes forward, touch R toes to right side
7-8 Turning ½ right step R together, touch L toes to left side

25-32 Walk fwd L & R, L fwd rock & recover, ½ left & fwd shuffle, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn

1-2 Step L forward, step R forward
3-4 Rock L forward, recover weight on R
5&6 Turning ½ left step L forward, step

Send me links to any videos you have of this line dance and I'll post em! :)

(This was another line dance courtesy of my Nashville friends)

July 10, 2008

38 Step Line Dance Steps

38 Step
Unknown Choreographer
38 count, 4 wall, line dance

Some good 38 Step songs by guys off the top of my head are:
Dierks Bentley - What Was I Thinkin' | Dierks Bentley - Dierks Bentley - What Was I Thinkin'
Travis Tritt - T-R-O-U-B-L-E | Travis Tritt - The Very Best of Travis Tritt - T-R-O-U-B-L-E
Chris Ledoux - For Your Love - Chris LeDoux - Chris LeDoux: 20 Greatest Hits - For Your Love
Toby Keith - Get My Drink On | Toby Keith - Big Dog Daddy - Get My Drink On
1-2 Touch right heel forward, touch right beside left.
3-4 Touch right heel forward, step right beside left.
5-6 Touch left heel forward, touch left beside right.
7-8 Touch left heel forward, step left beside right.

9-10 Touch right heel forward, hook right in front of left.
11-12 Touch right heel forward, step right beside left.
13-14 Touch left heel forward, hook left in front of right.
15-16 Touch left heel forward, step left beside right.
17-18 Stomp right beside left, kick right forward.
19-20 Touch right heel forward, step right beside left.
21-22 Stomp left beside right, kick left forward.
23-24 Touch left heel forward, step left beside right.
25-26 Stomp right beside left, kick right forward.

27-28 Step right beside left, touch left toe back.
29-30 Step left beside right, kick right forward.
31-32 Step right beside left, touch left toe back.
33-34 Step left forward, chug right behind left.
35-36 Step left forward, swing right around turning ¼ to left & step right beside left.
37-38 Swivel heels to left, swivel heels to center.

Gretchen Wilson concert in Atlantic City, Redneck Woman line dances

Gretchen Wilson House of Blues Atlantic CityGretchen Wilson concert at the House of Blues in Atlantic City...
*A & I cruised up there and hit the spirit bar at the Showboat. It's a bit of a HOB pre-show tradition for us. We put $20 into the video poker machine and get a "free" drink (or two) while we gamble & wait for the show. It's always fun! My girl *A had a traditional Bud Light while I tried a new drink, the Pomegranate Martini. It was quite tasty though I felt a slight buzz from just 1. We played poker & blackjack - I didn't even lose all my money :D
One of our friends pulled a string or two to get us backstage passes - it was *A's birthday weekend too! We got to meet Gretchen (*A ♥'s her!) and she put on a great show! It was such a good time.

In honor of such a great show, A Gretchen Wilson playlist & line dance possibilities:

  • Gretchen Song : Line Dance
  1. Redneck Woman : Cowboy Rhythm
  2. Here for the Party : Suicide Blonde
  3. Homewrecker : Canadian Stomp
  4. When it Rains : East Coast Swing (Couple's)
  5. All Jacked Up : 38 Step
  6. California Girls : Tush Push
  7. Skoal Ring : Dancin' Feet
  8. One Bud Wiser : Elvira's Cha-Cha
  9. Come to Bed : Buckle Polisher (slow dance)
  10. The Girl I Am : Cruisin'
  11. One of the Boys : Fallsview Rock
  12. You Don't Have to Go Home : Zjozzy's Funk (without the tag)
  13. There's a Place in the Whiskey : Stagecoach Slide (Couple's)
  14. There Goes the Neighborhood : Sleazy Slide

July 4, 2008

Crank it up and dance!

It's summer time & I could used a vacation... perhaps a Honky Tonk Road Trip... but in the mean time... I'll learn the line dance to the song. This is another cool little dance courtesy of my new Nashville friends.

Line Dance steps for Rick Monroe’s "Honky Tonk Road Trip"

Crank It Up
Choreographed by Joe Steele
Description: 32 Count, 4 wall, beginner/intermediate line dance
Music: Honky Tonk Road Trip by Rick Monroe

1&2 Kick right, step on ball of right and cross left over right
3&4 Kick right, step on ball of right and cross left over left
56& Step side right, step behind right with left, quick step back with right
7&8 Left heel forward, quick step back with left, cross right over left

1&2 Kick left, step on ball of left and cross right over left
3&4 Kick left, step on ball of left and cross right over left
56& Step side left, step behind left with right, quick step back with left
7&8 Right heel forward, quick step back with right, cross left over right

1-2 Rock forward right, recover on left
3&4 _ turn right, left, right, triple step 9:00
5-6 Rock forward left, recover on right
7&8 Coaster step, step back on left, back on right, forward on left

1-2 Step forward right, pivot _ turn left 3:00
3&4 Step forward right, on balls of feet twist _ turn left, the _ turn right, weight to left 3:00
5&6 Step back right, step back left, step forward right
7&8 Kick left forward, step on ball of left, touch right toe beside left


TAG: At end of fourth wall add the following 8 counts, then begin again.
1-4 Point right toe to right side, _ turn right on ball of left foot stepping on right, point left toe to left side
then back to center
5-8 Repeat 1-4

Youtube Video:

July 1, 2008

Line Dancing Boots and they're really cute!

Boots to wear line dancing... no small decision! I spent an afternoon cruising around an online shoe store and these looked like some decent line dancing footwear - plus they are all so cute! I'm pretty sure they all have a leather sole which is clutch for sliding! There is nothing worse than a rubber sole when you are trying to spin! You want the nice slide of leather for smooth shuffles and spins. Here's a goofy little story about the evolution of my line dancing shoes.