July 10, 2008

Gretchen Wilson concert in Atlantic City, Redneck Woman line dances

Gretchen Wilson House of Blues Atlantic CityGretchen Wilson concert at the House of Blues in Atlantic City...
*A & I cruised up there and hit the spirit bar at the Showboat. It's a bit of a HOB pre-show tradition for us. We put $20 into the video poker machine and get a "free" drink (or two) while we gamble & wait for the show. It's always fun! My girl *A had a traditional Bud Light while I tried a new drink, the Pomegranate Martini. It was quite tasty though I felt a slight buzz from just 1. We played poker & blackjack - I didn't even lose all my money :D
One of our friends pulled a string or two to get us backstage passes - it was *A's birthday weekend too! We got to meet Gretchen (*A ♥'s her!) and she put on a great show! It was such a good time.

In honor of such a great show, A Gretchen Wilson playlist & line dance possibilities:

  • Gretchen Song : Line Dance
  1. Redneck Woman : Cowboy Rhythm
  2. Here for the Party : Suicide Blonde
  3. Homewrecker : Canadian Stomp
  4. When it Rains : East Coast Swing (Couple's)
  5. All Jacked Up : 38 Step
  6. California Girls : Tush Push
  7. Skoal Ring : Dancin' Feet
  8. One Bud Wiser : Elvira's Cha-Cha
  9. Come to Bed : Buckle Polisher (slow dance)
  10. The Girl I Am : Cruisin'
  11. One of the Boys : Fallsview Rock
  12. You Don't Have to Go Home : Zjozzy's Funk (without the tag)
  13. There's a Place in the Whiskey : Stagecoach Slide (Couple's)
  14. There Goes the Neighborhood : Sleazy Slide

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