December 31, 2008

10 good reasons to line dance in 2009

if the boot fits, buy every color

  1. Good, down home, clean fun
  2. Exercise in disguise, I'll take line dancing over the gym any day!
  3. Country music
  4. Line dancing is easy to learn, plus you can learn the dances at home on :)
  5. Guys in wranglers / Gals in tight jeans [that's right ]
  6. Great date idea for first dates or long time loves
  7. Single? Not a bad place to meet your future husband/ wife / boyfriend / girlfriend
  8. Easy atmosphere to go solo
  9. Something different to do
  10. Ladies... Hello!?! A reason to buy another pair of boots


Anonymous said...

Nashville country nite, at Brigantine Elks. "4 WHEEL DRIVE" April 4 2009 check it out at

38 Step said...

Hey that's good to know. Thanks for sharing! I'll post it :)