December 31, 2008

New Year, New place to dance

New place to line dance in South Jersey:

There is a large restaurant called Calloways in Staffordville which is between Tuckerton, NJ and Manahawkin, NJ on Rt. 9 that will be starting up country dancing on Friday nights. This restaurant is about 40 min. from EHT.
Jan. 9th
Jan. 16th
Feb. 20th
Feb. 27th
Mar. 5th
As of right now, Ken & Debbie will be holding the dances posted. Joe & Mary will take over after that. Plus, there is no charge.
Yeehaw! :)

Questions? Post a comment & I'll do my best to find out the answer for you!


Unknown said...

I am looking for some help. I am one of the activities directors at a campground in south jersey and we are doing a wild west weekend. We are looking for someone who can bring in music and teach some simple dance moves to the campers. Do you know any one?

38 Step said...

Yes, Ken & Debbie of Country Fun would be perfect. They are great with beginners too... They're the couple who taught me how to line dance. countryfun5 [at] comcast [dot] net is their email address. Let us know how your wild west weekend turns out. It sounds like fun! :)