June 4, 2009

Junk in the truck

We had drinks over a friend's house one Saturday evening. She knocked over a glass of red wine and it went all over the white carpet... she started cleaning it up with glass cleaner [she's not even the redneck of the group] and I blurted out, "I'll be right back, I've got carpet cleaner in my truck."
They all looked at me like I was strange... Is that a weird thing to keep in the cab of my truck? What about my cowboy boots? and dance sneakers? Rollerblades? and devil horns from Halloween? I don't think so but it inspired my next poll. What do you keep in your truck (or trunk)?

From "Cab of My Truck", Dierks sings of keeping:
  • Crumpled up cans
  • a beat up bag of red man chew
  • Fix a flat
  • Jonny Cash box set
  • Half a dozen parking tickets
  • cooler keeps em iced down cold
  • Roll of duck tape
  • WD40
  • Oh, what's this? a little white tank top
I want to know what you keep in yours?

and is it strange to keep carpet cleaner in your truck?

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Anonymous said...

I really think we would get along great. Im lovin that your a Dierks Bentley fan. I love Dierks and line dancing also.
Kim Mann