July 8, 2009

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Depression - - Midlife: Single, Lonely & Depressed? Try Dancing!

Take an Original Dude Ranch Vacation

Heel, toe, dosey doe

Line dancing keeps seniors active

Barn dance set at Watchung Stable

Barn Dance and BBQ Dinner July 25

Celebrating the thrill of the grill

In celebration of this revered rite of summer, The Current is planning an Ultimate Back Yard Barbecue edition the week of July 29 featuring fun facts, local stories and tips that pay homage to our burning desire to grill.

Dance Talk 7/06/09

Big Apple Country Dance Festival, Free Hustle lessons, SalsaFest… they’ve got the scoop

Stockton plans to rock the Boardwalk this summer

Stockton Goes to the Beach features country music pioneer Hal Ketchum on July 27

July 9 - Hourglass & Co. will play a selection of oldies and country music in a concert on the beach in Ventnor, at the Newport Ave. beach, weather permitting according to Ventnor summer preview.


Anonymous said...

Hey. I would just like to thank you a ton for this blog! I'm 17 and I just recently started line dancing and it has been hard for me to find videos online but you have everything right here! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

38 Step said...

You're so very welcome. Thanks for reading. I really enjoy posting the dances, almost as much as i like dancing them :)
The Dixie Chicks said it best, "Some days you've gotta dance"! Thanks again & keep on dancing!!

Anonymous said...


I just started teaching line dancing in Tucson, AZ at the Marverick. Your blog has been very helpful getting beginning line dances. Thank you.


38 Step said...

Thanks for reading Linda! Hope your class is going well.