August 17, 2009

Printable Line Dance Request Checklist

Hey fellow line dancing fans & 38step line dance blog readers,

You're all familiar with requesting a line dance. You walk up to the DJ booth, ask for the request sheet, stare at the blank paper and wonder "what the heck was that dance called?" You scramble to jot down a danced out dance, easy to remember ones & forget all about the super cool dances you've once loved. Use it or lose it... and so the cycle goes. Here it is, the solution for DJs & dancers everywhere:

The Official Printable Line Dance Request Checklist

[click to enlarge & print]
  • Just print it out & put them on your clipboard.
  • If you're not a DJ, print it & bring it to him / her for your own dancing diversity.
  • No funny spelled renderings of a dance you sort of recognize.
  • No deciphering intoxicated handwriting.
  • Remind us of less memorable dance names we ♥ to do but can't always recall the title.
  • Best of all, it's FREE!
  • Coolest thing I've thought up all day ;)

Did I leave one or two out? Which dances should we add when I revise & update the list?

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