December 21, 2009

Casanova Cowboy line dance video, step sheet

Casanova Cowboy line dance video

Casanova Cowboy line dance step sheet
Count: 32, 4 Wall, Beginner line dance
Choreographer: Rob Fowler (Oct 09)
Music: Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood - Play On - Cowboy Casanova

Walk, Walk, Triple Step, Two Half Turns, Coaster Step
1,2 Walk Right, Walk Left
3&4 Step Right behind Left, put weight forward onto left, Step slightly back onto right.
5,6 Make a half turn to left stepping forward onto left, make a half to to left stepping back onto right.
7&8 Step back onto left step right together step forward onto left

Forward Traveling Hip Bumps, Rock Step, ¾ Shuffle
1&2 Step forward Diagonally to right bumping right hip forward, Bump left Hip back, bump right hip forward
3&4 Step Diagonally forward left, bumping left hip forward, Bump right hip back, Bump left hip forward
5,6 Rock forward onto right, recover back onto left
7&8 Make ¾ turn to right doing right shuffle

Side Rock, Cross & Heel, & Sweep, Syncopated Box Step
1,2 Rock Left to left side, recover weight to right side
3&4 Cross left over right, step right to right side, touch left heel diagonally to the left
&56 Step left foot next to right, cross right over left, sweep left in front of right
7&8 Cross Left over right, step back onto right, step left to left side

Cross Touch, Cross Touch, Right Sailor Step, Left Sailor Half Turn
1,2 Cross right over left, touch left to left side
3,4 Cross left over right, touch right to right side
5&6 Right sailor step
7&8 Left sailor step with a half turn to the left

Repeat cowboy casanova cowboy line dance



Eric said...
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LoLo5 said...

My dancers are in the process of learning this dance. We really like it. Glad to see someone else does.

Yee Ha Line Dance Duds.