February 10, 2010

Double wide cowboy snow beast

Double wide cowboy snow beast


Erica said...

Okay I didn't know where to leave my question, so this link looked as good as any. I went out line dancing last night, and I can't remember what song I danced to but I remember the steps, I'm gonna try to describe it to you then maybe you can help me figure out what the song was. Okay, it started with the right foot with the heel planted, and toe swiveling in and out for 4 beats, then in that same swivel motion you 'walked' your leg out to the right for 4 beats. then repeated on the left. then step touch x 2 after that. Then it was some kind of vine to the right, it was 16 beats you turned 1/4 right then turned back left 1/2 turn to be facing 1/4 left of where we started. the last beat of the series was a jump/stomp with both feet. then it repeated. it was a really fast song, and I'm almost positive it was an older country song. I did this dance twice to 2 different songs, and I am having a party Saturday and I want to add this dance to my playlist. Thanks!

38 Step said...

Sorry for the delay in replying. It sounds like Cowboy Rhythm to me