December 17, 2016

Random last minute gift ideas for your line dancer

Do you ever go to a country bar and see a couple off to the side doing a really cool stretchy looking swing dance? There's a good chance they're dancing west coast swing. There are many thriving local west coast swing communities to learn it, but if you or the person you want to dance with is a little shy to jump right in without some background, these guys are well respected names in the west coast swing community and teach a good foundation.

Western belts are in style both on and off the dance floor.

I had one of these rhinestone belts in the 90's and oh how I wish it still fit... hint hint ;)

Nice leather sole booties like these Frye boots would certainly be well-received by any line dancer.
Or these.

Dance sneakers are always nice to get too. They're comfy and you can really never have enough dance shoes in rotation.

Little canvas sneakers like Keds are great for dancing too. Some people put a little piece of masking tape or moleskin under the ball of the foot on the sole of the sneaker to make spinning a little easier.

And Toms... can't forget Toms. Their Casual Canvas Slip-ons have a sole wonderful for dancing. Available for both men and women in all sorts of colors and patterns, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair sold. Plus, they're incredibly popular on and off the dance floor.


Cool Line-Dance T-shirts

5 Ideas for the guys

  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Wrangler gear
  3. Western wallets 
  4. Cammo boot socks 
  5. Red Plaid button down

Boot Socks

A couple more dance dvds... they're nice & easily wrap-able.

Two Step

Lindy Hop

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