January 26, 2008

Dancing tonight... but not for me

So it's already Saturday night... which means another night of line dancing in Cape May. The last 3 weeks have been fun & the great part about dancing down there is that there's plenty of space to dance! The convention center has such a giant hardwood floor, it blows any NJ bar out of the water.
trace adkinsI'm going to be going through a little dancing withdraw because I can't make it tonight... my coworker won Trace Adkins tickets for tonight in Atlantic City and we are going to be meeting this Dangerous Man... Anyway, we get to meet him. Trace is her McDreamy or McSteamy, her George Clooney, her 'the One!'. I'm so excited for her to meet him tonight! It's great - and to make it even better, it's her birthday weekend... Happy Birthday Caroline! Despite the dance less weekend - it's gonna be a great one :D

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