April 24, 2008

Top 20 reasons why I love country boys...

20. "Man I was only kiddin' when I called 'em a couple of dicks"
-Gary Allan, Alright Guy
**They have a sense of humor**

19. "Might be one 'a those fine French wines, Might be some good ol' damn homebrew, Long as we get to have a good time, Most times anything will do"
-Van Zant, Goes Down Easy
** They are still simple beings **

18."Well you've gotta be kidding me, Don't tell me that thing is your TV, My laptop's got a bigger screen, Baby, there ain't no doubt, You need a man around here"
- Brad Paisley, You need a Man Around Here
** They solve problems**

17. "We don't like to go out shoppin', We don't care what's on sale. We just want to sit with a bag full of chips, Watchin' the NFL. When you come over at half-time, An' say: "Does this dress fit too tight?" We just look you in the eye with a big fat lie, An say:"Uh, uh: Looks just right."
- Tracy Bryd, The Truth About Men
** They are honest... and they admit when they aren't **

16. "From buckin' broncs to honky tonks, He always sang a cowboy's song, We were much too young, havin' too much fun, As we all sang along"
-Garth Brooks, Good Ride Cowboy

15. "He's addicted to danger, Ruled by passion and pride, To pain and fear he's no stranger, But his lust needs to satisfied "
- Chris Ledoux, Hooked on an 8 Second Ride
** They have testosterone-filled hobbies**

14. "For your love I'd rope the moon put it in a blender, Mix up a concoction bound to make you surrender, I'd bite the brand off a buckin' Brahma Bull, I'd rob me a gin mill then I'd fill the ocean full"
- Chris Ledoux, For Your Love
** They do manly things to prove their love, not girly metro things **

13. "I cashed my check, cleaned my truck, Put on my hat, forgot about work, Sun goin’ down, head cross town, Pick up my baby and turn it around, Good time, "
Alan Jackson, Good Time
**They know how to have a good time**

12. "Raisin' hell, racing cars, Closin' down the local bars"
-Gary Allan, Man of Me

11. "We met at a truck stop, Johnson City, Tennessee"
-Tritt Travis, Modern Day Bonnie and Clyde
** They're adventurous **

10. "I want to dance with you, twirl you all around the floor, That’s what they intended dancin’ for, I just want to dance with you. "
-George Strait, I Just Want to Dance with You
** They considerately take charge **

9. "If you ain't got a suitcase get a box or an old brown paper sack
Pack it light or pack it heavy take a truck take a Chevy, Baby just come back"
-George Strait, Run
** They are straightforward and let you know they what they want, plus they drive Chevys :) **

8. "I got rice cooking in the microwave, Got a three day beard I don't plan to shave"
-Travis Tritt, It's a Great Day to be Alive
** County men are low maintenance **

7. "I'm wild and a little crazy too, Some girls don't like boys like me, Aww but some girls do"
-Sawyer Brown, Some Girls Do

6. "When they go ridin in the middle of a pickup truck, Blarin Lynyrd Skynyrd yellin, “Turn it up!”
- Trace Adkins, Ladies Love County Boys

The TOP 5 reasons I love country boys are...

5. "Well, if you want to know what we're all thinkin', It's nothing too complex. It's just somethin' cold for drinkin', And a whole lot of s-e......"
- Tracy Bryd, The Truth About Men

4. "But when you say a backrub means only a backrub, Then you swat my hand when I try, Well, now what can I say at the end of the day, Honey, I'm still a guy"
--Brad Paisley, I'm Still a Guy
** Country men are still honest with the fact that one thing drives them **

3. "Pick her up after some soap and water and we're headed to the county fair"
**Notice there was no mention of lotion, nail filing, plucking, waxing, or shaving his chest - Country boys aren't Metro! **
-Chris LeDoux, County Fair

2. "Cold beer, hot wings, Wranglers, Skoal ring, Get just what you see, Gun rack, ball cap, Don't take no crap, Ain't a pretty boy-toy, I'll rock you steady, Rough and ready"
-Trace Adkins, Rough and Ready

and the number 1 reason...

1. "My eyebrows ain't plucked, there's a gun in my truck, Oh thank God I'm still a guy"
--Brad Paisley, I'm Still a Guy

Now I want to hear from you...

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I'm not a lady so I'll leave my vote here.

The first one on your list.

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