April 4, 2008

Cape May line dancing isn't looking so likely tomorrow night

I just heard some bad news about the Cape May Convention Hall. I just saw the post, "Convention Hall closed for structural worries" on the Cape May Gazette's breaking news. That must mean that the last dance of the spring will probably be canceled for tomorrow night.
I hope the Convention Hall reopens by June 27 when the free line dancing is scheduled to begin! I bet there are lots of Jazz Festival goers who are hoping it reopens by April 18 too. The jazz fest is a pretty big deal in Cape May.

Line dancing in other places in south jersey are still happening! Of course, there is still line dancing at the Scullville Fire House. Also, Debbie is going to be teaching a 6 week beginner line dancing class evenings at Ocean City High School. I'll try to find out the details but you can find out more information by calling Ocean City High School.

Wednesday in Scullville at the fire house, we got a nice surprise! Ken's sister sang Patsy Cline's "Crazy" for us. That was followed by a duet of Ken & his sister singing Kenny Roger's "The Gambler". They were both excellent! Can you beat line dancing and free surprise entertainment? I think not!

When you go dancing in Scullville, they give you a ticket at the door. Ken & Debbie do a drawing for a free pass. I've been going dancing for 10 years and I've won about 3 free passes until two weeks ago. Two weeks in a row I won a free pass. It was great! I feel lucky! I think I need to break out my old Mary Chapin Carpenter cd and listen to that song!

Anyway, sorry to be the bearer of bad news about line dancing tomorrow night in Cape May. There are country back-up plans in the area though...
If you are into Eric Church , he's performing at Prospector's. The tickets are $25 at the door and $20 ahead of time. He's the guy that sings "Two Pink Lines", "How 'Bout You", and "Sinners Like Me". He's pretty good! My favorite part of seeing shows at Prospector's is that you usually get to meet the artist & take a photo with them... and there's line dancing! Holla!

Well, I'll continue to pass on any information I hear about Cape May Convention Hall.

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Anonymous said...

looking for classes in area above..went to Sculville but lil to advance for me as a beginner anyone know of Beginner groups in area ....South Jersey