July 12, 2008

Crazy Days

This is good song by Adam Gregory called Crazy Days. I've heard it on (itunes country radio). I would like to hear this song more often!

Crazy Days
Choreographed by Peter & Alison, TheDanceFactoryUK
Web address:
4 wall – 32 count line dance
Music: Crazy Days (dance mix) – Adam Gregory (start after 16 count intro)

1-8 R kick ball step, twist heels left & centre, L rock back & recover, ¼ right & L to side, R touch together
Kick R forward, step R back, step L forward (weight ends on both feet)
3-4 Twist heels left, twist heels back to centre (weight ends on R)
5-6 Rock L back, recover weight on R
7-8 Turning ¼ right step L to left side, touch R together

9-16 Vine R 3, touch L together, L side shuffle, R back rock & recover
Step R side, cross step L behind R, step R side, touch L together
5&6 Step L side, step R together, step L side
7-8 Rock R back, recover weight on L

17-24 R fwd, point L side, cross step L over R, point R side, touch R toes fwd & side, ½ monterey turn, touch L toes to L side
Step R forward, point L toes to left side, cross step L over R, point R toes to right side
5-6 Touch R toes forward, touch R toes to right side
7-8 Turning ½ right step R together, touch L toes to left side

25-32 Walk fwd L & R, L fwd rock & recover, ½ left & fwd shuffle, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn

1-2 Step L forward, step R forward
3-4 Rock L forward, recover weight on R
5&6 Turning ½ left step L forward, step

Send me links to any videos you have of this line dance and I'll post em! :)

(This was another line dance courtesy of my Nashville friends)


Carmelo J. Aresco (Ceij) said...

Great posts with all the steps.
I bought a pair of boots when I was in Texas a while back.
Your posts makes me want to put them on and do some dancing! Sounds like fun.
Maybe I have a little country boy in me :)

38 Step said...

:) Ceji, Thanks for the comment! Let me know if you're ever in South Jersey & get the urge to line dance.