November 7, 2008

Why Ask Why Line Dance Step Sheet

Line Dance for Charlie Allen’s "Why Ask Why"

Another line dance from my Nashville friends.

Choreographed by GYTAL (Ginny Allen)
32 count High beginner/intermediate Line Dance
Music:.Why Ask Why-Charlie Allen
Contact Ginny:

Kick Kick ( or Touch Touch)1/4 R turn Sailor
1-2, Kick R Forward, Kick R to R Side(Variation Touch forward, touch side)
3&4 Step R behind L, step back on L1/4 Turn to R, step R forward (R Sailor) (3)

Step L forward, Lock R behind L, L Triple
5-6, Step L forward, Lock R behind L
7 &8 Step L, step R behind L, Step L forward (L triple)

Rock R to R Side, Recover L, crossing Triple
9-10, Rock R to R Side, recover L
11&12 Cross R over L, Step L behind R, Cross step R over L (Crossing Shuffle)

Ronde 1/4 turn L, L Coaster
13-14, Sweep L foot forward, to L side & Behind R foot ( Ronde) while turning 1/4 L (12) Keep Weight on R
15 &16 Srep Back On L, Step back On R, Step L Forward

Rock R Forward, Recover Back on L, R Lock Steps Back
17-18 Rock Forward on R, Recover L
19&20 Step back on R, cross L over R, step back on R

Touch L to L Side, turn 1/2 to L, Touch R to R turn 1/4 to R, touch L toe to L
21-22, Touch L to L, Turn 1/2 to L (6)
23&24 Touch R toe to R,turn 1/4 to R (9), touch L toe to L

Cross Step & Heel & Cross Hips Bumps
25 -26 Cross L over R, Step Back on R
&27&28 Step Back on L, Step R heel Forward, Step back on R, cross L over R
29-30 step forward on R bumping hips forward
31-31 step Back on L bump hips Back

Repeat Why Ask Why line dance

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Bobbe said...

I love that you have these line dances posted on here..Thank You. I have a new one!