October 1, 2009

Country Halloween Costume Ideas, tips, links & inspiration

A collection of Halloween costume ideas, tips & how-tos for country loving, line dancin' Halloween party-goers:

Dukes of Hazzard


Luke, Bo & Daisy Duke

So what if the film version of The Dukes of Hazzard got trashed? The Dukes and their hot-to-trot cousin are trash TV icons! Channel their country-fried glory with a buddy and a woman willing to show a lot of leg.

What the Dukes need:
  • Feathered '70s-style hair
  • Tight blue jeans
  • Belts with large buckles
  • Plaid shirt for Luke (brown haired), yellow button-down work shirt for Bo (blond haired)
  • Construction or cowboy boots

  • What Daisy needs:
  • Very short cutoff jean shorts
  • Sexy tank top
  • Cowboy boots
  • Daisy Duke
    General Lee
    Beverly Hillbillies
    ( Elly May, Granny, Jane Hathaway, Jed Clampett, Jethro)

    • (from
      This is an easy costume to pull off with either a big group of friends or just a few of you. The guys can dress up in overalls or jeans with a wife beater. The ladies can dress up in jean cut off shorts and little half tops with pigtails in there hair. You can either dress up as hillbillies in general or copy the style from the movie or television show.
    • Elly May Clampett
    Some items:

    Cowboy, Cowgirl

    Southern Belle
    • Headband, Vest, Moccasins

    Rodeo Clown

    Dolly Parton

    Nascar Driver

    • Sexy Nascar Driver
    • Men's Nascar Driver Costume
    Ooh... a mullet wig!

    Willie Nelson

    Willie braids...

    Mr. Ed

    • a horse mask

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    Any other costume ideas???

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