October 27, 2009

Jake Owen played Prospectors 10/24

jake owen prospectors
Jake Owen played Prospectors last Saturday night. It was a really good show! He played all the songs I had hoped like Don't Think I Can't Love You, Yee Haw, Startin' With Me, Something About A Woman and 8 Second Ride. It was also great to hear his lesser known songs like Tell Me and Cherry On Top as well as a few newbies. It seems a lot of country singers break out a couple oldies... Jake did a little snippet of Luckenbach Texas which I loved and Man with a Slow Hand... which totally jived with Jake's sexiness. [@linedancegirl fans herself, whoo]. His drummer had this humorously groovy engaging factor going on.
Jake Owen let out the spunky side when he busted out with some Fresh Prince of Bell Air, Snoop Dog among his old school hip hop meets country music medley.
It was a really good show, love his music! I would definitely go see him again!!

Buy Jake Owen's Easy Does It - Jake Owen - Easy Does It
Buy Jake Owen's Startin' With Me - Jake Owen - Startin' With Me

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