October 15, 2008

Line Dance Blog Buzz

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What people have been thinking & saying about line dancing recently in the blog world.
Country Music is my Favorite
...Anyone who has never gone line dancing before is really missing out because it is a blast. So if you haven’t gone go check it out you’ll have a great time.

Country Wedding Bride stuff
Bridal Accessories: Some 3 Great Wedding Themes
"...If you find a hall with an outdoor area, you can have a down south barbecue and some down home western dancing. This one extremely well thought out wedding. The bridal accessories will include decorations, cowboy hats, cowgirl dresses or pants skirts and a lace robe tied around the cowboy hat. If you have a more modern country wedding, you might have a ceremony and a reception you would find in Nashville. Your guests would be strictly cowboys and cowgirls without the Indians. Everything else could remain the same but instead of square dancing, you would have modern day country dancing or line dancing as it is called today. The bridal accessories might include a unity candle with a little gold rope holding miniature cowboy hat and a ring bearer pillow with fringes and a cowboy hat holding the rings. The cake topper might include a cowgirl and a cowboy or two western hats joined together."

So you must know
"We went swing dancing and line dancing. It was pretty much like old times when nothing else mattered and no one else existed."

Fitness perspective
Line Dancing (or Bootscooting) is very popular, easy to learn, a good way to keep fit and you don't need a partner.
" Dancing challenges the mind; it's a kind of exercise and therapy for young and old."
"...line dancing helps build stamina and heart and lung capacity"

Gold’s Gym — Ten Fittest Presidents of All Time
"Before “Dancing with the Stars,” George Washington enjoyed jigs and country dancing."

Fastest Way to Lose Weight - I Hate the Treadmill!
"Dancing is another great way to get your daily workout in and lose weight. If you are into country music, try some line dancing. Most cities have at least one country bar with a dance floor that has line dancing lessons on certain nights of the week. It’s great exercise, lots of fun, and a super way to shed some pounds fast."

Line dancing to contemporary music draws crowds
"Good dancers or not, these participants have met new people, tested their skills and made progress with fitness goals."

Health Perspective
Brain cells start to grow
"A new study suggests that seniors who line dance, play bridge or a musical instrument may be doing more than just having fun: They may be warding off the risk of developing dementia, including Alzheimer’s, a progressive brain disease which afflicts four million Americans."

Just For Fun
"I WENT OUT COUNTRY DANCING WITH MY FRIENDS LYNDSI, PAIGE, AND KATHRYN....i have to admit that i was a little bit anxious at first but I HAD A BLAST"

The tale of the cowboy boots
"Man, did he look amazing in those boots. Maybe he could take up country dancing. The Achy Breaky was really big right now! Line dancing, that might be fun eh."

Hint, Hint... see... men, it's okay to go watch! ;)
"...our lack of country-dancing skills rendering us both helplessly beta-male, lingered on the rail of the dance floor observing the action. We initiated one of countless similar conversations we've had in the past that focus on evaluating the modern-day dating scene."

See, I'm not the only one who loves to line dance :)

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