October 17, 2008

MIB (Men In Black) Line dance Step Sheet

Choreographed by Kelly Hinds
Description:64 count, 4 wall, line dance
Music:Men In Black by Will Smith
Start dancing on lyrics

1&2 Jump back at 45 degrees onto the right foot, place the left heel forward at 45 degrees angle, step onto left foot, touch right together (right heel jack)
3&4 Repeat right heel jack
5&6 Jump back at 45 degrees onto the left foot, place the right heel forward at 45 degrees angle, step onto right foot, touch left together (left heel jack)
7&8 Repeat left heel jack

9 Long step right to right
10-11 Slide left to right for 2 beats
&12 Clap, clap
13 Long step left to right
14-15 Slide right to left for 2 beats
&16 Clap, clap

17& Pivot ¼ turn on ball of left foot & touch ball of right foot out to the side, take weight on left foot (paddle)
18-20& Repeat paddle step 3 more times

21-23 Walk forward right-left-right
&24 Stomp left slightly to left & stomp right slightly to right
25-28 Applejack left, center, right, center (head movements are the same as feet for these 4 beats left, center, right, center)

29& Applejack left, center, (double time)
30& Applejack right, center
31&32& Repeat double time applejacks

33-34 Step right to side, step left behind right
35&36 Step right to side, step left behind right & right across left
37-38 Step left to side, step right behind left
39&40 Step left to side, step right behind left & left across right

41 Roll right shoulder back while unwinding ½ turn right (right is forward left is behind),
42 Roll left shoulder back,
43&44 Roll shoulders back right-left-right
45-46 Moving forward with body at a slight angle to the left, step right toe forward, bring right heel down (heel strut)
47-48 Cross left toe across right, bring left heel down
49-52 Repeat last 4 beats (Robot arms can be done in conjunction with this move -- left forward, right forward, left forward, right forward)

53-54 Step right to side & bump hips to the right, swing hips across to the left & bump hips left
55&56 Using the same motion swing hips right-left-right

57-58 Step left together & clap
59&60 Stepping straight back with the right, rock onto the right foot & rock forward onto the left bring right together

61-64Split heels, split toes, bring toes together, bring heels together (extended heel splits)

REPEAT MIB Line dance

When the lyrics to the song say "now vine" that is what you do. After beat 30 you complete the slow applejacks then ½ the double time applejacks, then you vine. Then you restart on the music with the right vine

Have a video of this dance? Send me a comment to let me know.. I'll post it here :)

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