October 24, 2008

NJ Line Dance List {Refreshed}

After 11 years of line dancing in South Jersey, I've learned quite a few dances. I thought it would be useful to make a regional list of the dances I've both learned and seen in NJ. It should help anyone looking to learn a few dances that are done in the area. You can look up line dances - and find TMI! There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of line dances you can learn but where is the fun if no one else is doing them where you go?

Note: Adding the steps & videos takes quite a bit of time so here is my line dance list in progress. I'll republish it as I add links to new step sheets with videos. Feedback is welcome!

I did my best to make this all inclusive but please let me know if I missed any.

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Bootsinline said...

lHello! i`m glad i found this blog. I am a great linedance-fan and dance almost every day. Since i come from Norway i find it interesting to get to know what kind of dances you dance in the US. I see that the country-style is big, and i now some of the dances you have listet. I think i would like to try out some of the dances from your list during the winter and spring in my classes. Think its nice to get some new impulses. I love the coyuntrystyle linedances and will use your blog for new inspirasion.