January 28, 2009

Joe Nichols at Prospectors this Saturday night

Joe Nichols, Cape May 2002

Joe Nichols is playing Prospectors this Saturday, Jan. 31. It's the rescheduled date and I heard through the grapevine that it's sold out. Good thing I got my ticket last weekend while I was there dancing!

It must have been the summer of 2002 when Ken & Debbie still hosted the free line dancing at the convention hall in Cape May on Fridays. I was working as a cocktail waitress and it was dead one Friday night... so I left (in my restaurant polo & black pants) to go dancing. I remember walking in to see two guys on stage, one playing the guitar, one singing. I didn't know who they were but they were good! I was slightly confused because I thought I had left work to line dance. Turns out that I'd left work for a free concert. They had begun playing Impossible when I realized who was playing... groovy surprise!

The surprise free Joe Nichols concert was a prize Joe & Mary won on the radio - 107.3 had a contest for the best answer to the question, "Why should Joe Nichols play at your event" and Joe's event (line dancing [holla]) won. Long story, that was the last time I saw him live.

And we got to meet him...( I didn't realize the shutter speed was set to 60 until the pics were developed, I've got a true appreciation for digital photography)

Joe Nichols, Cape May 2002
I'm stoked! Since that show in Cape May, Joe has come out with Size Matters, Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off, I'll Wait for You, Brokenheartsville, She Only Smokes When She Drinks, Cool to Be a Fool, If Nobody Believed in You, & What's a Guy Gotta Do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Line Dance Girl! I wanted to tell you thanks for a great site! I went up to Prospectors on Wednesday to learn Chill Factor and it kicked my butt. I searched on google so I could practice before going back tonight. Your site was the first that came up. Not sure is it was lucky or if Google is now giving you the links that are closest to your computer's address. Anyway, I learned the dance and am ready to kick some tush (push) tonight. :-) I don't get out very often, but if you see me sometime, say hi. You can see pics of me on so you know who I am. Also, I nearly peed myself when I read your post on the gym versus line dancing. I am an Athletic Enhancement Coach and personal trainer so the stuff rang true. Very funny. Thanks for a great site! Keep up the awesome work.

38 Step said...

Hey Ricky
=D Thank you so much for the kind words! Chill Factor is one of the trickier dances... how did you make out pushin' your tush tonight? I'm bummed to be home & not out dancing right now!
I'm really diggin your song, "Girl in a Truck". You have a nice country voice. Hope to see you out :) Keep on dancing & singing!