August 18, 2010

Line dance girl gets her toes out of the sand

... and back in my boots =) 


It's been a busy spring & summer. Perhaps I personified Terry Clark's song, "I Wanna Do It All", Zac Brown Band's "Toes" and Craig Morgan's "Redneck Yacht Club'". I think Keith Urban said it best... "Days Go By".

I took some road trips, went to some baseball games, and took some down time at the beach. It's been a great summer missing only one thing, large quantities of line dancing!

Getting back in the swing of things, I'm sure you've heard Prospectors has been closed through July & August for renovations. They have been working all summer to get the club back in proper dancing order come  September. They're making the dance floor larger [yesss!!!] and rearranging the layout to better accommodate our needs. We look forward to getting back to some 'pros' dancing when they reopen.

In the mean time, good ol' Friendly Tavern in Carney's Point (Rt. 40) celebrated it's grand reopening on July 17. It's a great place with a slick floor to dance some Two Step & Shuffles on a Saturday night after the Cowtown Rodeo! Friendly Tavern does country music Weds. - Sat. night. They're big on Two Stepping & Shuffling and slightly less focused on line dancing than other local venues. If you haven't been there lately, it's worth venturing out!

We went out last weekend to Friendly's and I heard that Kathy Mattea tune "455 Rocket". Let me tell you how I couldn't have cared any less about what dance they were doing, I WAS gonna learn it. They were doing The Scooch choreographed by Jo Thompson. Easy to pick up, I had the dance down by the end of the song. Cool dance, awesome song.

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