June 12, 2008

The 24th XTU Anniversary Show

My alarm clock rang at 6 AM on Saturday, June 7, 2008.
Shower - fill the cooler with ice & food - load up the truck -
7 AM - text message from *A... "I don't think I'm gonna be able to go. Way too tired."  Okayyyy. That really stinks! 1 BFF down - but I understood.
I had relax time since that was one less stop so I had a cup of coffee.. and realize I told *J I'd pick some beer up for him. I don't know about you but where do you buy beer at 7 AM in NJ? Acme has a little liquor store but it didn't open 'til 8 and I was supposed to be 45 mins up the road by 8:15. I waited anyway since I had few options. They didn't open on time - 8:15 I left Acme empty handed... on my way to an old man bar that opens at 7 in the morning... *K called me to let me know she just woke up (I was supposed to be at her house picking her up by then). My lateness worked well with her oversleeping. I stop at the old man bar at about 8:30 AM and there are freaking people in there drinking! They called ME a lush for buying take out that early as they had their beers & shots lined up and down the bar.

stubborn grill *K & I finally made it up to the parking lot where were were planning on BBQ-ing. It had to be 90 degrees out by 10:15 when we got there. It was hot! In the heat, and 2 hours, 6 books of matches, a used up lighter, 1/2 bottle of borrowed lighter fluid, borrowed replacement charcoal, borrowed grill lighter and 5 lighter-fluid soaked napkins in the grill later... we had a mini fire going. *K cooked her chicken legs and made me & *J veggie burgers :) We drank that scavenger hunt beer and finally went into the concert. That was after we saw a couple doing "couple things" in a car as *J proceeds to give the guy a thumbs up after they finished. Wow! 94 degrees by now.

Chuck Wicks My first stop... the line dancing area! They were taking a little break and I needed some water to balance out the beer and we watched Chuck Wicks. I must say, he is one lovely looking man!

After Chuck was done, we made our way out to the line dancing area where I proceded to work on my heat-stroke and sunburn. I shouldn't complain because *J & *K may have gotten it a little worse than me.

It was a long lovely day in the scolding sun, plus I got a new hat :) and I was told it's hot. *J slept right through Terri Clark... sound asleep with dreams and all hahaha. *K got her Coors Light on.

So The shows were great! We missed Keith Anderson and the Lost Trailers (but I just saw them at Chili-fest). Billy Ray was great, I was surprised no one broke out doing the Achy Brakey on the lawn! Terri Clark did her thing, Chuck Wicks and Pat Green did too... And Sugarland was wonderful! Their encore was great! They rolled out in these clear domes onto the audience where they got rolled around before getting out and singing "Pour some Sugar on me!" It was great. Also the first show I've seen them perform "Stay" and it was incredible! She sang me some Speed of Life, Down in Mississippi, Settlin', Baby Girl, Irreplaceable (country style), Everyday America, and oh oh oh oh oh  All I wanna Do. Lot's of fun!

line dancing  
Line dancing!

I've never seen the lawn so packed

XTU Show

Sunset over Philadelphia


Here are some photos someone who had better seats took

XTU 24th Anniversary Show Sugarland 6/7/08


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