June 19, 2008

Dancing up a storm, John Rich to Save a horse in Atlantic City this weekend!

Line Dancing last night was a good time as usual! I was exhausted by the time it was over. The crowd was a good size and we danced the night away.

storm clouds 6/18/2008 EHTHere's a photo of the storm that passed through... I love when the sky is dramatic like this! 

Debbie taught a couple's dance called the Stagecoach Slide. It looked like a fun dance, but I didn't learn it because I don't have a regular dance partner. MEN WANTED! :) Yeah, most of my old dance partners seem to have gotten married and stopped coming out dancing. That I don't understand, but I digress. The Stagecoach Slide is an upbeat dance with a few east coast swing moves... I like it!

The next Country Concert on the agenda

The next concert on our list... John Rich of Big & Rich is coming to Atlantic City tomorrow and Saturday nights to play at Bally's. My BFF *A whom I mentioned to all of you in the rodeo post is absolutely in love with John Rich! She went to Nashville for a weekend just for the meet & greet party with him pre-concert. Yeah, she even has a plethora of ex's who resemble him in an uncanny sorta way.

Last weekend she went over to buy some tickets & the box office was closed - so they asked for help finding an open box office from an employee. Well, it turned out that they were all closed but the employee just happened to have connections and well, to make a long story short, we got comp'd tickets - and a possible meet & greet :)

So I am on my way to work this morning and hear that John Rich is going to be on Cat Country - I text *A and she's asleep... I listened for her. Joe Kelly does this famous 7 question ending for all interviews - It's great! This is what I remember from it (not bad pre-coffee).


  1. Favorite moment on stage : The first time Big and Rich played at the Grand Ole Opry
  2. Favorite TV Show: The Office (not Nashville Star because he doesn't get to watch it)
  3. Strangest autograph request: A Baby's Butt
  4. Duet partner he'd like to have someday: Steven Tyler
  5. Favorite food: a Big ol' rib eye
  6. I forget this one
  7. and finally, his 1st kiss was where?: In the back of a horse trailer

And I heard he is going to have a special guest this weekend. The lead singer of Skid Row is going to come out and sing a few songs with him. And Cowboy Troy will be there too... This should be a good show! Plus, he is going to be signing autographs after the show. I'm excited! I wonder if anyone will to the line dance "Ride 'em Cowboy"... I'll keep you posted.

Now, anyone know where I can find someone who will promise to pull me away from the craps tables!?!

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