October 1, 2008

BPM Software

Ever notice 'BPM' next to a song listed on a line dance step sheet?

BPM stands for Beats Per Minute, so you can dance the dance to another song with a similar tempo.

What does the number next to BPM mean to you if you don't know what the BPM of the alternative song is? That's where some BPM software comes in handy. With certain programs like Tangerine (for OSX), you can make automated playlists to suit your activity. These playlists are great for line dancing, driving, dinner time, working out, cleaning, etc...



Mix Meister
BPM Widget from Apple for your dashboard
Tangerine - 15 day free trial ($24.95 after trial)
 Lifehacker did an article on Tangerine

Manual BPM counters - Online

For more information, visit
TuneUp Media Inc. Simple Type Banner.

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