August 4, 2008

28 more reasons I love Country Men

cowboy(Part II of Top 20 reasons why I love country boys...)

28. Good Times!
Alan Jackson, Good Time

27. " A little bit of guitar, A little bit of truck A little bit of hound dog, And a little bit of luck... A little bit of come on, A little bit of play
A little bit of yee haw in the hay... A little bit of backseat, A little bit of moon A little bit of radio, a goin’ boom boom boom"
Craig Morgan, A Little Bit of Life
**Country men are into fun stuff**

26. "What he is is what you've got, and he can't be what he's not"
25. "His boots are always muddy and his beer drinkin buddies, they'll camp out on your couch and never leave."
24. "Don't even start to think you re gonna change him, You'd be better off to try and rope the wind"
Chris Ledoux - Whacha gonna do with a cowboy?
** Country men are real! **

23. "There ain't nothin wrong with the radio"
Arron Tippin - There ain't nothin' wrong with the radio
** Who doesn't love music?**

22. "I sang her every Willie Nelson song I could think of and we made love"
21. "I'm a thorough bred that's what she said in back of my truck bed as I was gettin' buzzed on suds out on some back country road Her evaluation of my cowboy reputation had me beggin' for salvation all night long."
Big and Rich, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy
** LOL, what metrosexual, ubersexual, or other non-cowboy would ever say that??? Ride em' Cowboy**

20. "When the judge asked me why I did it, he threw the book at me when I told him that the chicks dig it..."
Chris Cagle, Chicks Dig It
** Country men do interesting things to impress their women **

19. "Rock My World, little country girl, I tell her that I love her but it ain't enough, she says I've got to learn to loosen up"
Brooks and Dunn, Rock My World
**They love girls in cowboy boots**

18. "You know I like my chicken fried, Cold beer on a Friday night
A pair of jeans that fit just right, And the radio up"
Zac Brown Band - Chicken Fried

17. "I just never been the kind to go along, Just avoidin' confrontation For the sake of conformation And I'll admit I tend to sing a different song But sometimes you just can't be afraid To wear a different hat If Columbus had complied This old world might still be flat"
Garth Brooks, Against the Grain

16."God blessed Texas with his own hands"
Little Texas - God Blessed Texas
**Country men are blessed... **

15. "We let it rip when we got the money, Let it roll if we got the gas, It gets wild yeah but that's the way we get down, In a Hicktown"
Jason Aldean, Hicktown

14. I've got a weekend full of nothin to do at all, yee haw... She wants to dance, I do too... Yee haw, big time, saddle up and hold on tight"
Jake Owen - Yee Haw

13. "I miss picnics and blue jeans and buckets of beer"
George Strait, You know me better than that

12. "Lovin you made a man of me "
Gary Allan - Man of Me

11. "I'm learnin' everything I'll ever need to know about life and love in the cab of my truck"
Dierks Bentley, Cab of My Truck
** Country men learn all life's lessons in a truck! **

10."But 2 days in heaven just ain't gonna do, This is going to take forever darling, Girl I just got started loving you"
James Otto, Just got started lovin' you
** Ugh! how sweet is that?!? **

9 1/2. "Can't get these kinda muscles anywhere but a farm"
9. "You need hands, rough not soft, to come and warm you up up in that cold hayloft" - Luke Bryan - Country Man
** Country men are in shape **

8. "But she wants a man who wants her to be herself And she'll never change, don't know how to hide Her stubborn will or her fightin' side But you treat her right and she'll love you like no one else"
George Strait - How 'Bout Them Cowgirls
**Cowboys 'get it'! **

7."I Still feel 25 most of the time, I still raise a little cane with the boys."
George Strait - Troubadour

6. "Well I ain't first class, But I ain't white trash I'm wild and a little crazy too, Some girls don't like boys like me, Aww but some girls do"
Sawyer Brown - Some Girls Do
** Sawyer got that right... Some girls really do!**

5. "We were lovin' blind, borderline reckless, We were livin for the minute we were spinning in "
Josh Gracin - We Weren't Crazy
** The romantic side... sigh **

4. " Yeah like that something about a woman, Yeah some kind sweet little something, That I may never understand"
Jake Owen - Something about a Woman
**Country Men don't question it (or copy it lol), they just appreciate it! **

3. "7 come 11 and she could be mine Luck be a lady, I'm gonna find love comin' on the bottom line... I'm willing and able, always coming back for more Gambled on the 3rd time, fool'll tell you it's a charm "
Clint Black, Good Run of Bad Luck
** Some country men play craps! :) ~ that's my favorite game!**

2. "I don't worry about tomorrow till it comes... "
Daryl Worley, Livin in the here and now

1. "If you're lookin for love, honey I'm tougher than the rest"
Tougher than the Rest - Chris Ledoux

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