August 31, 2008

Jam packed week: dancing, concerts & ring-tone-ing ears

My last unofficial week of summer has been jam packed with line dancing, country music, and little rest.

Line Dancing

It started on Tuesday when I met some friends & they took me to a new place line dancing. I have been hearing about it for years but never made the trip. Adelphia's in Depford, NJ has country night with dancing & $2 ML bottles, cheers! Who needs beer when you're like me though... I fell getting out of my friend's truck on the way there. Yeah, somehow I got my leg stuck between the step-side & truck hahaha. There was no cover and it's a nice place. The crowd was pretty small but that's not always a bad thing. I heard the crowd multiplies when they bring in the mechanical bull. The line dances were up to date and there is room off to the sides for swing dancing. I saw a few couples doing the West Coast Swing (one of my favorite dances to watch). The light-up dance floor was a little on the slippery side... it looks like the same floor they have at Boogie Nights at Resorts in Atlantic City. There was a girl there giving lessons... the couples learned Lorrie's Cha Cha. I'd go back if I had other plans that conflicted w. my Wednesday & Friday line dancing, but not in addition to nor instead of my favorite fire house in Scullville or my beloved honky tonk in Mount Laurel. It was quite a haul (1½ hours on a work-night) &I didn't make it home until 2 a.m.. It can definitely satisfy the random Tuesday night urge for some country dancing though!

More Line Dancing

Wednesday night I headed up to the Scullville Fire House for some line dancing. Dan Good, a reporter from The Press of Atlantic City was there to do a story that ran in today's life section, "There's no pressure here, just a need to dance" . The photographer came in to take photos. Every time I saw that shiny black lens out of my peripheral vision, I would get all nervous, forget the steps, crack up, and walk off the dance floor. I suppose part of the distraction can be attributed to the 3 hours of missing sleep from the night before. Nevertheless, I'm candid-camera shy to say the least! Anyway, Debbie taught the line dance Chatahoochie from quite a few years ago. It's a vintage one I need to add to the list.

Some Line Dancing & A Concert

Thursday night, I was quite excited to see the Zac Brown Band play at Prospector's. The doors opened at 6, we got there at 7... but the band came on at about 9:30.
We were going to grab something to eat and maybe do a little line dancing but kindly, the Thursday night DJ calls out different dances than the Friday night DJ. If you've seen my list of line dances, you too would wonder how I sat in amazement of how few dances I either knew or could tolerate... and the same 5 or 6 were played 2 or 3 times each. Food... we wanted some appetizers but when we asked for the menu, they told us we had to leave the night club and go to the dining room or the saloon to eat (* good to know, that's the case for all their band nights*). We got some food next door and came back for another line dance attempt before Zac Brown Band came onstage. Line Dance girl with Zac Brown Band
Zac Brown Band Foundations CDThe band was fantastic! If you missed them, you missed some really good live music. Most of the music they played was their own, while they tossed in a little "Devil went down to GA" cover. ZBB had me cracking up with the song, "Sic 'em on a chicken". I've gotta mention the fiddle player tore it up! I picked up their Foundation cd, which they signed for me :) . I've been playing it quite a bit! I really enjoyed the show!

Friday night of rest

I couldn't justify going line dancing on Friday night... still had to catch up from Tuesday & Thursday nights' lack of sleep. I stayed in & made ringtones as I let my body rest for Saturday's Brad Paisley show. I made "Toes" and "Chicken Fried" as my new Zac Brown Band ringtones and "I'll Take You Back" and "Out in The Parking Lot" as my new Brad Paisley ones :) Yeah, in a nutshell... if you have a mac

  1. Pick out a good song (that won't make you cringe in the grocery store line or Dr. office)
  2. Crop the part of the song you want to use in Garage Band (10-15 seconds-ish)
  3. Export it to itunes --> convert it to an MP3
  4. Bluetooth it to your phone
  5. on my EnV2, I had to send the sound to myself (& a couple friends)... open the message and options--> save as a ringtone.

I found the little tutorial on creating your own ringtones with Garage Band. Anyway, that was my Friday.

Brad Concert

Brad Paisley 8/30/08
Saturday was Brad-day! The Brad Paisley w. Julianne Hough, Jewel, and Chuck Wicks show was in Camden. It turned out to be a fantastic day! We got up there a little early to BBQ. Everything went smoothly & I even ran into a few friends I hadn't seen in years. It was a good time! The weather held out for us. I brought a pair of jeans to change into before the show so I got in my truck to change. I didn't think anyone would notice but a nearby tailgater walked right up to my window and started talking to me through the window. I put my clothes over my lap and made him turn around while I finished changing. Talk about first impressions! LOL. We went on into the show and had a good ol' time, sans the stolen cooler from my truck bed when we came out. Nonetheless, a great day!

What could be better than an afternoon in the sun with friends and live country music? Well, Brad singing "Better than this" humorously added a little touché.

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