August 9, 2008

God Blessed Texas line dance step sheet video

God Blessed Texas

Choreographer Shirley K. Batson 
Description: 32 count, 2 wall, Beginner Line Dance
Music:  God Blessed Texas by Little Texas

Step, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Step, Touch.
1-2 Step Left Diagonally Forward Left, Touch Right Beside Left.
3-4 Step Right Diagonally Back Right, Touch Left Beside Right.
5-6 Step Left Diagonally Back Left, Touch Right Beside Left
7-8 Step Right Diagonally Forward Right, Touch Left Beside Right.

Stomps, Hands On Thighs, Knee Rolls.
9-10 Stomp Forward Left, Stomp Forward Right.
11-12 Slap Left Hand On Left Knee, Slap Right Hand On Right Knee.
13-14 Roll Left Knee Round To Left Side.
15-16 Roll Right Knee Round To Right Side.

Right Grapevine, Scuff, Left Grapevine, Scuff.
17-18 Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Behind Right.
19-20 Step Right To Right Side, Scuff Left Beside Right.
21-22 Step Left To Left Side, Cross Right Behind Left.
23-24 Step Left To Left Side, Scuff Right Beside Left.

Step, Kick, 1/2 Turn & Flick Back, Step.
25-26 Step Forward Right, Kick Left Forward.
27 On Ball Of Right Pivot 1/2 Turn Right And Flick Left Back.
28 Step Forward Left.
29-30 Scoot Forward On Left Twice With Right Knee Hitched.
31-32 Step Forward Right And Scoot With Left Knee Hitched.
Start Again

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