August 9, 2008

Houston Slide line dance step sheet

Houston Slide
Choreographed By: Unknown
Description: 22 Count Beginner Line Dance
Music:Strokin' by Clarence Carter

1 Touch right foot out to side
2 Bring right foot back together
3 Right foot steps to right
4 Slide left foot back together with right
5 Touch left foot out to side
6 Bring left foot back together
7 Left foot steps to left
8 Slide right foot back together with left

1 Tap out with right heel
2 Tap right heel again
3 Tap back with right toe
4 Tap right toe again
5 Tap out with right heel
6 Tap back with right toe
7 Right foot steps forward
8 Touch left toe out to side, turning 1/4 turn to right

1 Cross left foot over right putting weight on left foot
2 Touch right toe out to side
3 Cross right foot over left putting weight on right foot
4 Left foot steps back
5 Right foot steps back together with left
6 Hop forward (both feet)

Begin Houston Slide again

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Anonymous said...

do you know anything about the history of the houston slide?