August 10, 2008

Addicted to Love - Line dance step sheet & video

Addicted To Love
Choreographed by Max Perry 3/17/98

32 Count 4 Wall Line Dance Beg/Intermediate

Music: "Addicted To Love" by Kimber Clayton
Note: The dance starts on the vocals!

Sugar Push, Syncopated Heel Touches, 1/4 Turn Left

1,2,3,4 Step Right forward, Step Left forward, Touch Right toe behind Left, Step Right back
&5 Step Left next to Right (&), Touch Right heel forward (5)
&6 Step Right next to Left (&), Touch Left heel forward (6)
&7,8 Step Left next to Right (&), Step Right forward & turn 1/4 left (7), Step Left in place (8)

Kick, Kick, Sailor Shuffle, Kick, Kick, Sailor Shuffle 

1,2 Kick Right forward & across Left, Kick Right to right side
3&4 Cross Right behind Left, Step Left to left side, Step Right in place (sailor shuffle)
5,6 Kick Left forward & across Right, Kick Left to left side
7&8 Cross Left behind Right, Step Right to right side, Step Left in place (sailor shuffle)

Cross Over Rock Step, Weave Right, Heel Bounces w/ Hips

1,2 Rock Right forward & across Left, Step Left in place (rock step)
3,4,5 Step Right to right side, Cross Left over Right, Step Right to right side (large step, leaving Left toe on the floor) 
6,7,8 Bounce Left heel in place for counts 6,7,8

Step, Cross, Hold, Step, Cross, Hold

&1,2 Step Left in place (&), Cross Right over Left (1), Hold (2)
&3,4 Step Left to left side (&), Cross Right behind Left (3), Hold (4) 1/2 Turn Left, Stomp Right, Stomp Left
&5,6 Step Left to left side (&), Step Right forward & turn 1/2 left (5), Step Left in place (6)
7,8 Stomp Right next to Left, Stomp Left in place (march, march)


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